Community project: In The World

Here's the idea:

 In below clip,

there are some key pads laying down chords, changes, should you prefer the term.
 The ideaa is to add more instruments in following clips, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, melody, ...,
 and finally solo guitar over it.

This is the link to a PDF with chords:
In The World Chords Sheet

 Also, I'd love if some of you, those who feel this is on their level, would take it and do your own thing over it.  You can use it from whatever stage of development. From only keys to complete tune, and do whatever pleases you. With composition, aswell as with recording. I'd appreciate if you'd credit me by giving original link, or whatever. I'm  not to come to controll,though, so don't worry.

 Also, it would be nice if you'd post links to your results here on the blog, as a comment to clip/ sound you used, or whatever.

If you don't feel like posting, please send me some link so I can hear it. Again, no obligations, pure curiosity.

I've even made a Sound Cloud page for the pourpose.
SoundCloud In the World Project

So whoever wants not to give own links, one can give the link to me privately, and I'll download, then upoload to SoundCloud.

If you have any special requests about crediting, or publishing, you're wellcome. 

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